Fábrica de Ideias announces the launch of a new visual identity, website, blog and institutional materials.

The campaign aims to highlight the new market positioning of the brand that for more than two decades has been a specialist in complete point-of-sale merchandising solutions, from concept design and manufacturing to product transportation, delivery and activation in the POS – business model known as end to end.

A global reference in the production of injected displays, Fábrica offers diversified solutions, produced in diverse materials, such as plastic, metal, wood and acrylic, as well as sustainable solutions, produced from recycled inputs.

With two manufacturing parks and state-of-the-art machinery, the company has high production capacity to handle small and timely demands or even large national and international campaigns.

Fábrica de Ideias: complete solutions in merchandising

The self-sufficiency, credibility and creativity of the Idea Factory are evident in the extensive portfolio of solutions and the numerous successful cases in partnership with market leaders, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Mondelez – success credited to intelligent solutions, a detailed study of the needs of each client, capable of exploring the best ways to put brands and products in evidence at the POS.

The new approach adopted in the Fábrica communication seeks not only to highlight such credentials, but also to highlight the brand’s creative and productive values ​​and capabilities, which translate into bespoke solutions, privileged infrastructure and portfolio quality.

For commercial director Otávio Fogo, the new approach marks a new stage in the brand’s history. “In addition to Brazil, we now have commercial bases in Paraguay and Peru (Andean region) in order to offer regional solutions throughout South America. We thus move toward our vision of being a global reference in merchandising,” he says. “After 20 years of work, the feeling is that we are just getting started.”

Looking for complete merchandising solutions? #countonfabrica

This is the first blog post of Fábrica de Ideas – a space dedicated to the exchange of ideas, anticipation of market trends and new knowledge about POS merchandising.

It is also here that you will know all the news about the Fábrica.

If you are looking for an ideal partner, capable of offering complete solutions in merchandising, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and activation, according to your needs, and with guarantee to highlight your brand and its products, look no further. #countonfabrica