Did you know that merchandising at the point of sale, in addition to arousing shopper’s attention and buying interest, can also be a strategic tool to contribute to a more sustainable world?

We say that because nowadays it is avaliable Eco-friendly recycled POS materials made from 100% recycled plastic such as PET, PP and PS, which in addition to protecting the environment, also value brands that have a sustainable position in front of the new shopper, much more conscious and connected with the planet’s preservation values.

According to an OpinionBox survey, 55% of consumers prefer brands engaged in caring for the environment, 42% of them are very concerned with sustainable practices when they buy something and 49% are at least a little concerned. It is important to note that more than half of the people (54%) always or frequently prefer famous brands for taking care of the environment and that 65% of the interviewees would stop buying products from a company that polluted the environment.

Knowing this data, you can see that your trade marketing can invest in high value-added materials for merchandising chain, which will generate more visibility and sell-out at the point of sale, with environmental responsibility.

But if you still have doubts, we have listed on this post 5 benefits that sustainable POS materials can bring to your brand. Check out!

1. Strengthening plastic value chain and promoting recycling:

When big brands support sustainable initiatives, the environment and good nature preservation practices are at the center of discussions. We know that many of the problems we are facing today are caused by a lack of concern for nature and, in this sense, consumers and brands are increasingly seeking to have ecological responsibility.

The strengthening of plastic value chain is indispensable so that resources are not depleted and so that essential raw materials have their full potential taken advantage of.

Here at Fábrica de Ideias we produce exhibitors made exclusively from recycled plastic from PET bottles and BOPP packaging.

This allows a new destination and utility for plastic, which stops going to dumps and oceans, returning to the production process and being transformed into a product with high added value for the merchandising chain.

materiais de PDV sustentáveis

Rack produced in 100% recycled PS


2. Improves the shopper’s perception of the brand:

If the majority of shoppers prefer brands with engagement in the environmental cause as we saw in the OpinionBox survey, what are you doing to make your actions at the point of sale more sustainable?

Did you know that today there is a possibility for brands to develop materials for the point of sale from their own post-consumer or post-industrial waste? Plastic packaging, such as PET bottles, for example, can be recycled and reused in the manufacturing process for these solutions.

By investing in recycled POS-Material, your brand contributes so that plastic does not end its cycle in the environment causing pollution, and it also reinforces plastic value chain and circular economy.

Such care for the environment ends up being reflected at the POS. It improves the image that the shopper has of his brand: connected with current demands, ecologically responsible and concerned with sustainability and the correct disposal of waste.

Display produced in 100% recycled PET


3. Connects the brand to global sustainability trends:

Recently, Apple launched a new campaign focused on sustainability entitled “Apple has a plan”. The communication from the technology giant launches a commitment to, by the year 2030, having its entire product line being manufactured with recycled material and totally carbon free.

If a company that is a reference in technology and quality wants, in less than 10 years, to have its entire product line 100% sustainable, we believe that the trend is more than consolidated. Having a position connected to what is happening in the world is indispensable for brands that want to stay active and stand out in the minds of consumers.

When this can go along with ecological responsibility and a positive impact on the planet’s future, it’s even better!


Display produced in 100% recycled BOPP


4. Helps reduce costs with POS material:

Investing in sustainable POS material generates savings from many perspectives. Here, the benefit is even clearer: POS materials made from recycled plastic have modularity as their main feature and are therefore extremely easy solutions to assemble and disassemble at the POS.

This characteristic of modularity offers a crucial advantage for brands that need to increase capillarity and expand their presence to several points of sale: logistical optimization.

Associated with effective promotional logistics, sustainable POSM facilitates transport and delivery, as it is much more compact. It also favors the use of truck space, which means that fewer vehicles are needed to transport the same amount of materials.

Just to give you an idea, freight savings can reach an annual reduction of 70%, when compared to metal or MDF exhibitors, for example.

That means fewer trucks on the streets and less pollutants in the atmosphere. Environment thanks you!

5. Agility of execution at the POS:

It is impossible talking about merchandising without mentioning execution at the point of sale and the role of the sales promoter. All trade marketing planning work focuses on the POS operation and impacting the shopper.

To guarantee the effectiveness of this strategy, the correct exposure of products is fundamental. Therefore, POS materials are elements that need to be visually attractive, functional and easy to execute, thus facilitating the work of the promoter.

The modularity of recycled POS material makes it possible to develop optimized exhibitors that are much more dynamic, whether to be transported or to be installed at the point of sale. They are supplied disassembled and can be easily assembled, without need much effort from the field team.


Now that you know the benefits of recycled POS materials, let’s change together the way your brand relates to the shopper and the environment? We invite you to be part of this revolution through your merchandising with us!

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