Case: Furniture for store
Customer: Sherwin-Williams
Type of equipment: Furniture, Displays
Process: Woodwork, Metal working, Plastic Injection
What we did: Design and architecture project, Engineering,
Production, Warehousing, Transport and Activation

The challenge

Sherwin Williams was looking for a supplier with high productive capacity, who could support its trade marketing strategy, which was based on expanding the coverage of its brands and products through the reseller stores (master resale stores and multi brand stores).

For this to happen, they needed solutions that would guarantee visibility and
suit all Sherwin Williams business formats. In addition, they needed premium materials, resistant and with high durability.

Our challenge then was to develop projects for architecture and store setting, also thinking about the execution and activation of merchandising materials and furniture for Sherwin Williams stores.

The Solution

In order to guarantee the efficiency and quality of our services, we develop fully customized projects, analyzing and meeting the needs of each Sherwin Williams store.

We produce merchandising and furniture solutions using everything from woodworking and metal working processes, to plastic injection, according to the needs of each project, for each store format. In addition, we also carry out the transport, storage and activation of all furniture and other merchandising materials, with the G3F partnership.

Achieved Results

Through a dedicated service and customized projects, we delivered more than 3,322 displays and furniture to Sherwin-Williams throughout the national territory, which made a great coverage for its brands possible, and consequent direct return on product sales. We guarantee the satisfaction of your retail storekeepers with the quality of our materials and compliance with deadlines, delivering a complete solution: from the 3D project to the transport of materials and activation of stores.